Technical specification

We will work closely with you to establish the process of your Token Sale from a technical perspective. We’ll make you aware of the choices in the areas of:

  • Token Price and Distribution (Simple Direct Sale, Dutch Auction, Reverse Auction, DAICO)
  • Discount structure
  • Private pre-sale
  • Whitelisting process
  • Underlying blockchain and protocol (ERC-20, ERC-721, NEP-5)
  • Airdrops and advisor incentives

The deliverable from this stage will be a Technical Token Sale Specification Document detailing all features of your Token and Token Sale Smart Contract(s), that you can use with software development companies (we can recommend our partners) to develop the Smart Contracts.

Testing & Operational support

We can provide help during the development of the smart contract, explaining the code, deployment and contract management processes. We can facilitate Smart Contract audit and provide technical support during the token sale.