Reliable market data services
for funds, brokers and investors


Rockpool is a selection of market data feeds aggregated from selected significant crypto trading venues. We combine price and market depth data to create indices for each cryptocurrency pair, consisting of aggregated order-books giving a reference rate price. Our feeds can be used by funds to accurately calculate their NAVs, brokers to create derivative products or traders to test their strategies.

Crypto market data feed

Aggregated data stream from available liquidity providers, constantly monitoring available market depth on all traded crypto assets, quoting execution prices with maximum accuracy. You can get anĀ aggregated data feed via our API.

Rockpool data sample

BTC / FIAT currency

ETH / FIAT currency

BCH / FIAT currency

XRP / FIAT currency

LTC / FIAT currency

DASH / FIAT currency

IOT / FIAT currency

XMR / FIAT currency

NEO / FIAT currency

ZEC / FIAT currency