Rockchain Mercury Private Fund

Rockchain Mercury

The founders of Rockchain have established a private fund ‘Rockchain Mercury’ for themselves and members of an identifiable category of investors under the laws of Gibraltar.

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve a positive absolute return by investing in Crypto Assets. This Fund is aimed at tracking the overall market for Coins and Tokens and ensuring that the Fund has exposure to the main constituents of this fast changing sector on a market cap weighted basis. The fund takes a medium and longer term investment horizon.

The Fund does not try to significantly outperform the various crypto-currency and crypto-token markets but instead will give investors access to a wide range of assets that are difficult to track, invest in, manage and/or re-balance regularly on an individual basis. In addition to Cryptocurrencies, the Fund takes positions in proprietary blockchain based assets (including smart contract based utilities) that may be less liquid and more prone to enterprise risks (known as Tokens). Our Token allocation may also focus on tokenized securities.

The Fund will rebalance the portfolio regularly as agreed by the Board but may rebalance at short notice due to extraordinary market conditions or opportunities.