Amazix joins forces with Rockchain for Smart Contract services

Rockchain a DLT advisory, and smart contract development and consulting company announces partnership with fellow GBX Sponsor firm AmaZix, a group of professional crypto consultants specializing in community management and blockchain business development.

The strategic partnership combines the synergies of the world’s leading community engagement firm with technical expertise in smart contracts and tokenomics, in order to offer clients a complete range of services for blockchain startups seeking to raise capital.

The two GBX Sponsor Firms will draw on their combined experience to offer integrated crypto solutions to their clients, with a firm focus on transparency, integrity and projects with a sound token-to-market strategy.

Rockchain will provide its technical expertise in smart contract development and audit, and Amazix will deliver its community management solutions. This symbiosis presents clients with the dual benefit of token sale support from two of the most experienced and proven companies in the space.

AmaZix’s reputation for community management and social engagement services for blockchain is built on a unique breed of round-the-clock marketing, facilitating direct interaction between startups and their communities.

Complemented by a growing suite of startegic advisory services, AmaZix has helped over 100 crypto projects raise some $1.1 billion, through 120 employees located globally.