Multisignature Wallet Deployment

  • Increase the security of your digital assets
  • Comply with your Information Security Policies and Requirements
  • Configurable - X out of Y signatures required transfer assets
  • Friendly user interface
  • We configure and deploy the wallet smart contract on your behalf and than transfer ownership to you
  • We train you and your staff to operate the wallet
  • Etehreum based

Multisignature Wallets are used to divide the responsibility for digital assets, removing a single point of failure, reducing potential attack vectors and generally increasing the overall security of your digital management processes.

Every transaction (e.g. transfer of a token) from the wallet will require a predefined number of transactions (X) out of the total number of signatories (Y). Authorized parties have to cooperate in order to successfully transfer digital assets.

Rockchain can assist you in designing your multi-signature processes, deploy the wallet and train your staff.