Investor Services

There are many opportunities to capitalize on with respect to this emerging technology. We constantly monitor the trends and developments in multiple verticals and advances in the Distributed Ledger Technology applications.

If you are considering investing into a particular vertical, fund or an individual project, we can help you understand the opportunity in the wider context of the industry and properly assess the risks and potential returns.

  • Infrastructure protocols
  • Decentralised Exchanges
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Token Curated Registries
  • Prediction Markets
  • Application layer use cases
  • Tokenized Securities
  • Trading Strategies

Investing into individual projects

We can help you perform due diligence of the project, token or coin you are considering investing into and produce a detailed report that should help you make a better investment decision, covering:

  • Team Due Diligence (incl. meetings and background search)
  • Project evaluation
  • Technology Due Diligence
  • Community engagement analysis
  • Use of the blockchain technology
  • Token economics and the correlation between the adoption of the project and the token price
  • Financial due diligence