Sponsor Firm

Rockchain is an approved Sponsor of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) for utility tokens. GBX adopts an institutional-grade token listing process for high quality projects matching our own principles of transparency, accountability and integrity. Every project listed on the Exchange must appoint and maintain a Sponsor - an accredited professional services firm responsible for clients’ compliance with applicable laws and rules of the Exchange.

Learn more about the Token listing and trading platform in Gibraltar and the benefits of listing your Token - Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.

Rockchain combines significant relevant experience to help you reach the standards necessary for this ‘blue-chip’ listing. Our team represents top-tier expertise in technology businesses, M & A, start-ups, investments and the crypto economy and applies a range of skills honed in the legal, technology, security and financial sectors in order to assess, support and represent you as your Sponsor. We blend a commercial and savvy approach that supports your innovation and vision, with a rigorous and experienced approach to the due diligence requirements needed for eligibility and compliance.

What is the GBX?

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is a Token Sale Platform and Cryptocurrency Exchange for utility-only tokens launched by the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). It seeks to connect token buyers and issuers through a trusted token sale platform and based on the principles of security, transparency and accessibility.

What are the benefits of a GBX listing?

As with any market, standing out from the crowd and demonstrating your adherence to the highest standards should help you access investment in your project. The exciting crypto economy is crowded and evolving and the merger between capital markets and crowdfunding for innovative new blockchain-based technologies has begun. We believe that a GBX listing is one of the key ways you can demonstrate that your project meets higher standards of transparency, accountability and integrity, which are important to attract an ever more sophisticated investor the crypto economy. You also get access to a growing base of whitelisted eligible investors interested in high quality new tokens and crypto innovation projects.

What is a Sponsor Firm?

In order to list on the GBX, a token candidate is required to appoint a GBX accredited Sponsor Firm, that has met the admission criteria set forth by the GBX to be enlisted in the GBX trusted partners network.

Sponsor Firms are responsible for rigorous due diligence, advice and communication between the token candidate and the GBX throughout the entire listing process. Sponsor Firms are key to upholding best practices and assurance of quality. A token issuer must appoint and retain a Sponsor prior to the listing and for a period of 2 years thereafter.

What should I look for in a Sponsor Firm?

A Sponsor Firm should be able to demonstrate experience and expertise in multiple areas of due diligence (regarding the team, project, legal, financial, technology, security etc.) and substantial knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem and digital asset management. A good Sponsor Firm should also be familiar with various Token models and Token economics and be able to provide advice and recommendations to improve the design of the client’s Token sale and the business model underpinning it, as well as to advise on and ensure compliance with the rules of the Exchange.

What does Rockchain look for when choosing projects to sponsor?

We are looking for high quality projects, with committed teams which understand that transparency, accountability and integrity are now critical factors when designing and conducting a Token sale. We are looking for applicants who are prepared to meet the standards required and where we can add real value. Your project must demonstrate that you are solving a real problem, that your team has the ability to execute on the project’s vision and roadmap and that blockchain or distributed ledger technologies are an important ingredient in your solution.

Is your Token right for the GBX?

If you are fundraising for a utility token and you want to show that you meet the highest standards of transparency and accountability, then a GBX listing is for you. We advise you on eligibility and can prepare a Project Evaluation against multiple criteria including GBX compliance and to help you move forward whether or not you then choose to apply for a GBX listing.

How about Securities tokens?

The GBX is solely for the listing of utility tokens. In the future, security tokens are also envisaged within the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX). Watch this space for more on that. We believe there will be a role for both utility tokens and security tokens in the future and we look to support both.

What is the Rockchain onboarding process?

We review each application and respond. We are looking for applicants who are prepared and we think may be capable of meeting the standards required and where we can add real value. Please review our Engagement process for more information.

What are your fees as a Sponsor?

We typically charge a Project Evaluation fee as part of the onboarding process and if we proceed to act as your Sponsor we will agree a retainer and participation in your Token sale. We are required to take a minimum 20% of our fees in the Tokens you are issuing which we are happy to do as it aligns us with your project.

What happens if I am rejected by GBX or decide not to list with GBX?

It will depend on the circumstances and the grounds provided and we will advise you accordingly. A GBX listing may not be right for all projects. The goal of our evaluation and advice is to help improve your chances of success in your Token Sale and thereafter, regardless of whether this results in a GBX listing or whether you list on other exchanges.