Evaluating your project

We do a deep dive into your project to evaluate it against multiple relevant criteria and providing valuable recommendations for improving your project and chances of success in your Token Sale and the implementation of your roadmap. We will produce a high value report for your project team. Where you are considering a GBX listing, the report will also detail the compliance gaps and requirements you would need to attend to before you can apply for a GBX listing.

Production of this report is a prerequisite if you are considering Rockchain to become your Sponsor on the Exchange and we will help you implement mandatory compliance as well as other recommendations as may be suitable for your project and goals.

What does the Report cover?

  • Analysis of your whitepaper, website, team, project, model, technology and strategy
  • Best practices in Token sales, Token economics and Token functionality
  • Technology/roadmap analysis and viability
  • GBX compliance and suitability and covering the required areas of due diligence: legal, financial, technology, security etc.
  • Other areas and issues that we think may be helpful for you to consider, based on your project, roadmap and current status or which are or will be relevant to discharging our obligations as a Sponsor
  • SWOT analysis
  • Recommendations throughout enabling you to make informed decisions for improving your project

The report is designed to provide an objective and private (to you) analysis of your project and to help you make informed decisions about its development. It will also identify the gaps you would need to fill for eligibility for a GBX listing. We aim to deliver real actionable value regardless of the direction you decide to take and also provide a solid grounding for Rockchain to support you further as an adviser and/or Sponsor going forward.

These reports are not just a quick review of your public materials but entail research, multiple skill-sets and wide industry knowledge to produce. They also require meaningful engagement with key members of the team to produce. They are designed to be a premium level evaluation to aid informed decision-making and actionable steps towards a compliant and successful Token Sale and (where relevant) GBX listing.