Digital Asset Management policies

We provide tailored services for funds investing into cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens or other forms of Digital Assets.

We help you define your Information and Communication Security procedures and policies tailored for safe handling of digital assets, following established security standards and evolving industry best practices. Our policies cover:

  • General Communication and IT security policies
  • Specific policies related to safe handling of digital assets
  • Cold/Hot storage procedures
  • Trading venues account security
  • Incident management

Valuation Models Advisory

A lack of reliable pricing information on some of the more exotic Digital Assets can provide challenges. Many cryptocurrency exchanges are still unregulated and sometimes the historical data provided even by some of the largest trading venues may be unreliable. We can advise you on your valuation models for each individual class of digital asset and help you define the best procedures for valuing these assets, including:

  • Common, liquid and fungible assets (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP)
  • Less liquid or common DAs (NEO, XEM, FCT)
  • Fungible tokens (i.e. ERC20, NEP-5)
  • Non-fungible assets (i.e. ERC721)

Report Validation services

The manual revision and confirmation of transactions reports of digital assets with complicated valuation methods, may be a work intensive and error-prone process. Rockchain has developed tools, that allow us to apply even the most complicated valuation models on any digital asset and produce reports on demand.

You provide us with the input data to produce the report. This may consist of:

  • Read-only API connection to the exchanges where you commence trading
  • CSV/JSON/XML trade logs
  • API connection to 3rd party trade tracking services
  • List of cold storage wallets
  • Public blockchain wallet addresses of the fund’s cold storage

We then consolidate all data sources into one report and apply the right valuation model as defined in your DAM Valuation policy to every transaction to give the trade value per transaction.

We also produce a Custody report, indicating what amount of units of each asset shall be present at each storage provider at any given time.

The report can be used by Investment Manager, Directors and Administrators to verify the integrity of other reports (i.e. trading venues, blockchain transactions, etc.) and will make the fund reporting a more straightforward process and save you considerable time.