Asset Backed Token Smart Contract Development

  • Linked to a physical asset
  • Unlocking transferable value in unique types of assets
  • Can be built on Public or Private/Permissioned blockchain
  • Can support extra features as described for Utility Tokens
  • Certain types may be considered a financial security, see Security Tokens for details
  • May require off-chain components for compliance and benefit collections
  • We can offer legal compliance advisory with our partner law firms in Singapore, London, Gibraltar and elsewhere internationally

An Asset Backed Token is a representation of a unique asset (digital or real world) in the form of a virtual token deployed on a blockchain or other form of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It verifiably proves the ownership and authenticity of an asset. For example, a specific real estate, piece of art or precious gem is tokenized and ownership of the token directly reflects ownership of the item, immutably stored on the blockchain.

These tokens help to unlock transferable value, that is traditionally trapped in less liquid assets and enables further fractionalized ownership of such assets.


How do we develop Asset Backed Token Smart contracts?

Advisory / Consulting phase


We work with you to analyze your requirements with the objective to fully understand your goals, legal compliance implications and identify necessary off-chain components to reliably link an asset to the digital token.

Technology suitability

We assit you in selecting the most useful distributed ledger technology and protocols to best support your goals.

Technical specification

Based on the results of the previous phase, we create a Technical Specification document, describing the attributes of your Token and all other necessary components, such as other smart contract or off-chain components.


We develop the DLT/Blockchain solution, smart contract(s) and other necessary components, following industry best coding practices, using robust and production tested frameworks and libraries. We will make the resulting code available to you in your private GitHub repository. You may chose to make the repository public, and allow your community to independently verify contract compliance with your other project documentation.


Unit Tests

Unit tests are actions that focus on a specific unit of code, usually a function, and stress it by trying out different inputs, both normal and abnormal, checking that the outputs are as expected.

Integration Tests

We than run Integration Tests for the contract as a whole. Integration tests involve multiple pieces of the code, usually functions, being run in concert in order to simulate a process flow and verify that the different parts work together as specified.

Testnet deployment

Lastly, we deploy all components on a testnet and run the tests again in a distributed environment.

Code Audit

Audit preparation

An audit should be conducted prior deployment on the main net (e.g. Ethereum) by a reputable, independent third party. We’ll work closely with your Code Auditor, to ensure a smooth and seamless auditing processes.

Audit feedback implementation

We’ll carefully analyse and process feedback received from your auditor and implement it into the code.


We will deploy the solution into a production environment and run all tests again.


We actively support your projet post-deployment, addressing potential issues and help you grow your business in a comfortable and reliable way.