Offering an international gateway to institutional grade token-sales in Gibraltar, being one of the first jurisdictions in the world to implement a DLT Regulatory Framework.


Through a rigorous listing process GBX strives to allow the community to flourish whilst protecting participants with AML/KYC, corporate governance and industry best practices.


Encourages confidence, trust, credibility and liquidity for all exchange participants.

Benefits of listing

  • Trust

    We believe, that the rigorous vetting process, required of a GBX listing is one of the key ways you can demonstrate that your project meets the required standards of transparency, accountability and integrity, to attract an ever more sophisticated investor to the crypto economy.

  • Access

    GBX has a growing base of international whitelisted, AML/KYC cleared and eligible investors interested in high quality new tokens and crypto innovation projects.

  • Value

    GBX offers fair and transparent listing fees for those projects that meet the standards.

As with any market, standing out from the crowd and demonstrating your adherence to the highest standards should help you access investment in your project. The exciting crypto economy is crowded and evolving and the merger between capital markets and crowdfunding for innovative new blockchain-based technologies has begun.

About GBX

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is a subsidiary of Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), that aims to be a world-leading, institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.