Rockchain supports businesses and investors in version 2.0 of the Token Economy interested in transparency, integrity and a sound token-to-market strategy. We leverage our deep understanding of the Token ecosystem and our legal, financial and technical experience of the Distributed Ledger Technology.

Our services

  • Tokenized SecuritesAdvisory services for companies wishing to issue tokenized securities representing equity, debt or other assets.
  • GBX ListingWe are an Approved Sponsor Firm of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange where we can facilitate listing of utility tokens.
  • Smart ContractsWe develop and audit the functionality of Smart Contracts involved in tokenized transactions.

Our Trustware Products

In a world where Code is (an expression of) law, how do non-coders know that the code matches their rights/expectations ?

For Tokens - whether representing utilities, securities or other assets - buyers and investors are entitled to know that the commitments made by Token-issuers are delivered. Not just around the security of the smart contract, but also with respect to ensuring that the expected rights and restrictions are enshrined and functioning as intended.
Rockchain is developing Trustware Solutions using Distributed Ledger Technology and offers consulting for those wanting to review, interpret, verify and/or audit the technology and code for your purpose.

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policies Information and Communication Technology Security policy templates to manage your risk and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • RockproofA privacy-centric timestamping solution, removing reliance on a 3rd party while maintaining irrefutable, publicly verifiable proof of data integrity.


Our CEO in The Business Times: Raising-capital-in-the-digital-world

Our CEO, Julian Jarvis shares with The Business Times, that the potential is great for SMEs and large businesses alike to explore Security Token Offerings to fund growth and the roll-out of new products and services.

Read more in The Business Times here.

RHT Holdings and Rockchain announce joint venture in Singapore

Asia’s leading professional services group, RHT Holdings and Gibraltar-based consulting and smart contract development company, Rockchain, today announced the establishment of a joint venture to support businesses and investors tapping into increasing opportunities within the crypto economy.

Read about the RHT Rockchain JV here.

Rockchain announced as GBX Sponsor

Rockchain was announced today as a Sponsor Firm approved by the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). The GBX aims to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

Read the Rockchain GBX Sponsor announcment here.

Notes on Utility Token design

Rockchain's CTO, Marek Mahdal details his views of the role of Utility Tokens in the Tokenized Economy, value derivation, token velocity and popular Utility Token models today.

Utility Token Design on