We advise, support and invest into early stage Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology and Crypto businesses.

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About us

We provide consulting services to companies who wish to establish as Distributed Ledger Technology businesses and participate in the Crypto Economy.

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity. We work with clients and partners who want to combine the exciting new opportunities created by Blockchain and DLT technology and the dynamic crowdfunding enabled by ICOs, but who also respect the fundamentals in early-stage investment: transparency, accountability, compliance and security. The Rockchain 'Gold Standard' is for those who want to build sustainable businesses and create real utility and value with their innovations.

We work closely with clients to review and develop their business plan, Whitepaper or Prospectus, consult on ICO suitability and other fundraising options. Not every idea is right for an ICO. We support your business and technology goals and help your team to select and execute the right strategy. We want to help high quality new products and services get to market and to help power your team's innovation through compliant business models.


Legal compliance

We work closely with respected law firms with expertise in the developing regulatory landscape for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. We assist you in obtaining and interpreting the right legal advice and in executing on the outcomes, as required.


We assist you with creation of a high quality, legally compliant Whitepaper of Prospectus for your fundraising activities, whether it’s an ICO or other ways of raising funds.

Corporate governance

We can help you design and implement good business practice principles and appropriate corporate governance for projects we consult on or invest into.

Pre-ICO funding

We provide pre-ICO funding for interesting projects meeting the strict criteria of the Rockchain “Gold Standard” and take an active role in advising.

Pre-screening and plan development

We can provide pre-screening services for law firms and ICO promoters. We can help perform preliminary team due diligence, a technical viability study, whitepaper analysis and otherwise apply our combined team’s experience in early stage companies as legal and business advisors, founders and investors to help maximise success.

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