Supporting innovation in the use of DLT and the safe management of crypto assets within a regulated environment.

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About us

We provide consulting services to companies who wish to establish as Distributed Ledger Technology businesses and participate in the Crypto Economy. We will also soon provide solutions for the safe management of crypto assets within a regulated environment and trading tools for crypto-trading.

Consulting Services

We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity. We work with clients and partners who want to combine the exciting new opportunities created by Blockchain and DLT technology, but who also respect the fundamentals required by investors and customers: transparency, accountability, compliance and security. The Rockchain ‘Gold Standard’ is for those building real and sustainable value within a suitable regulated environment.

Safe custody and Trading Tools

We design solutions for the secure custody of crypto assets for institutional and professional clients such as funds, family offices, banks and other custodians. We are also developing tools for brokers, traders and investors to support their access to the fast-growing opportunities in the Crypto Economy and in the Tokenisation of assets and funds.


Regulatory compliance

We have senior level legal and regulatory experience and can act as your virtual 'General Counsel' to help you obtain and interpret the right legal advice and to navigate the Gibraltar DLT regime.

Whitepapers and business plans

We review and help you with your White Papers, business plans and fundraising strategy, whether it’s via a Token Sale or other model of raising funds.

Corporate governance

We can help you design and implement good business practice principles and appropriate corporate governance for your project.

Pre-screening and plan development

We provide pre-screening services for investors. We help perform preliminary team due diligence, a technical viability study, whitepaper analysis and otherwise apply our combined team’s experience as legal and business advisors, founders and investors in technology businesses, to help maximise success.


Aggregated market price discovery and market-depth data feed for brokers and traders trading crypto assets.

Rockchain Vault

Secure regulated and insured cold-storage multi-sig custody for Crypto Assets.

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